Aruba Has Been Selected For New $200 Million Dollar Hollywood Film Studio

Aurba Has Been Selected For New $200 Million Dollar Hollywood Film Studio, Every Aruban Get Free ‘Net-Flix’ like steaming service DFW’s DJ King Pink or Mr. Pink for short is challenging atheists around the world to play the $1,000,000 God Is Alive Challenge. The challenge is simple – prove you have a better life than Mr. Pink’s past atheism life. Participants will pitch to a panel of twelve confirmed atheist judges while disguising their identities and voices. Pink will toss his past atheist life in the mix too. The person with the best perfect atheist life – as picked by atheist judges – gets the ca$h. But wait, there’s more. Pink’s got another challenge up the sleeves of his outrageous, baby-pink, faux fur coat. He’s calling it, “My God Is Bigger Than Your’s Challenge”. In this challenge, people of faith must prove the vision they got from their god to positively impact the world is bigger and better than Pink’s vision from his God. Any person of any religion from any country in the world is allowed to compete because the challenge is done over web video conferencing eliminating the need for travel and visas. Judged by twelve top faith leaders from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism around the world. Beyond the $1 million prize, winners of each challenge will get a condo inside Castle V, a permanent apartment on Pink’s One Love cruise ship, and a job at the White House when Pink becomes the next President of the United States. Mr. Pink states, “God told me that if I run in America’s next presidential race I’ll win it.” Ten VIP tickets to BOLD, DJ King Pink’s world-record attempt for the biggest EDM multi-day music festival hosted on the island of Aruba. An option to have a role in Pink’s Hollywood blockbuster movie appropriately titled, “Beaches To Bitches” or B2B for short. The movie is about Pink’s 100% fact-checkable EPIC true story of him giving up the perfect tropical BEACHES lifestyle to face his greatest fears and to risk everything he owned including his own life for God and BITCHES!!! Go to for more information.

Source: awe24